Wednesday, 18 June 2008

more readings

Last week, in the Blue Bus series, Ian McLachlan played improvisations and Frances Presley, Graham Hartill and Lyndon Davies read poems. Hartill's Selected Poems 1980-2001, Cennau's Bell (Welsh Book Council) looked and sounded good. Frances Presley read new material from a sequence centred on Queen Anne. She is one of the best practitioners of the 'documentary' poem and what she does lends itself well to multiple voicings (in this case Gavin Selerie read a part of the work). Last night at the Shearsman reading Nathaniel Tarn and Lee Harwood launched new books (a selected and a book of interviews with Kelvin Corcoran from Lee). An excellent reading and a good turnout. No pictures from either event I'm afraid (I forgot my camera last week and the images from last night were a bit blurry). It's the end of the season for Shearsman, though the other series I've been attending will go on over summer.

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PB said...

Hi Laurie,

Great to be reminded of how vital Magic Sam magazine was.
Visitors to Graveney Marsh might like to check out back issues etc of Magic Sam's sequel magazine, the offset printed Otis Rush at this site

Cheerio from Pam