Friday, 17 October 2008

re Morley

As far as I can ascertain, Hilda Morley published some six books (though the fifth listed here is a pamphlet included in the sixth as respondent Sam noted): A Blessing Outside Us (1975), To Hold in my Hand (1983), What Are Winds and What Are Waters (1983), Cloudless at First (1988), Between the Rocks (1992), and the posthumous The Turning (1998). As far as publishing goes she was a late starter (b 1916, d 1998). Some accounts note that her queries about DH Lawrence made HD feel like an historical figure. The books I have on Black Mountain characteristically don't say a lot, though Creeley was obviously supportive. It's good to know a few others out there are as keen as I am to see more of the work in print. This, after all, is an age of Collected Works (according to the booksellers).

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