Wednesday, 24 June 2009

the summer season #2

Last night at the Lamb the Blue Bus reading featured Jim Goar (from Tuscon via Bangkok and Seoul), Giles Goodland, and John Phillips (from St Ives via Paddington). A good reading and a decent audience for summer. Giles' most recent book What the things sang came out a month or so back with Shearsman. Jim has a volume due from Reality Street next year. John has a pamphlet from Kater Murr's Press (Spell, 2009) and a book from Sardines Press, San Francisco that came out a few years back (Language is, 2005). It would be great to see more of his work gathered together soon.


jwg said...

Hi Laurie,

Nice meeting you yesterday. Could do with a bit more of that pizza. Thanks for posting this. Will link to it when I write up my short note.


Laurie Duggan said...

Well I enjoyed the reading (though I had to leave early). I look forward to your book.