Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bankside, August


duncan hose said...

Blue Hill 404.

Wet-glass plate
‘Osmiridium miner’s camp, c. 1910’
Unregarded muscles in the tall bush
Warratah leach marred jet trail

riding animal
(usually a horse or other equine, such as a mule)
used to create and spread modern civilization
Old English stirap, stigrap,
Middle English stirop, styrope

Vendel Age


Savage River vs Tarraleah
2 p.m bounce. Ernest Matthews-

Look up
A picture of
A girl in an oval frame
Makes the valley seem

Advanced feudalism
Limerick man in a dirt yellow tunic
The singing links of his
Made in England Irons. ‘Il o ho ho’ why not be
Heavy handed.

One fly meets another
They have a lot in common.

“Keep your eye
On the middle distance
So you can see them dropdead
from the sky”

Robin Gray
sounds pretty but he's act-
ally a prick, Toady

Dear Laurie- here's an homage, interruption, invasion of the blue hills.
Duncan Hose

Laurie Duggan said...

Thanks Duncan. It's possible that the whole Blue Hills sequence will be published later this year (or early next). There are 75 of them so you're way ahead of me. And the series is concluded for now since one of its premises was that I was living in Australia.

Anonymous said...

birth of the 6 millionth blue hills

its its
a volkswagen!

pete spence