Friday, 2 October 2009

rhymes with beer

So where else but the Leather Exchange to launch new titles from the Veer list? The readers were James Wilkes, James Harvey, Jon Clay, Antony John and 'Out to Lunch' (aka Ben Watson). The Exchange is now under new management and they had placed scented candles on the sills of the upstairs room and arranged the chairs as though we were going to have a 'real' poetry reading (photo at top taken before the crowd arrived). A mirror, removed from one of the walls revealed a bar. There was also a sound system operated by a dreadlocked DJ downstairs, but once the upstairs speakers were switched off it was quiet enough for a reading. I have to say it all worked pretty well and there was a substantial turnout. The highlights for me were James Wilkes' fake notices in Reviews, James Harvey's work from Temporary Structures and Out to Lunch's reading from Swift Blab Residue. OTL (above) read a further piece involving in part the aural translation of squiggles (a homage to Bob Cobbing). The energy of this performance put the baby on his shoulder to sleep. For further information about Veer titles email

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