Friday, 6 November 2009

a diary

I’m not sure whether or not my brain cells have shrunk to twitter dimensions but the only way I can get through the last two weeks or so of readings &c at present is in brief form. On Tuesday 20th October I saw August Kleinzahler read at the London Review Bookshop. He has always been a fine reader and at this event he interspersed with the poems extracts from his critical work Music. Wednesday 28th I attended a Shearsman reading featuring WD Jackson and Alice Kavounas, followed by another such on Tuesday November 3rd featuring Giles Goodland and Frances Presley, launching her new book Lines of Sight. Then last night at the Crossing the Line reading there was further celebration of Alan Halsey and Gavin Selerie’s 60 years in the business of being alive. The photos above are, respectively, Frances Presley at Swedenborg Hall, Giles Goodland ditto, and Gavin Selerie and Alan Halsey partly obscured by Jeff Hilson and a couple of microphones at the Leather Exchange.


Ivy said...

Hey, that's Frances! I met her at the Dylan Thomas Centre here, at a launch for Roundyhouse. We both read our work. She's lovely.

pb said...

I really like the way the English poets celebrate their groovy elders.
As you'll remember Laurie, nothing like that happens here in OZ - maybe you'll get a page in a small magazine if you make it to 80 (emphasis on 'maybe').

benchmark-lending9 said...

wow good