Tuesday, 9 February 2010

reeds, wires, voices, weather

Snowflakes drifted across the upstairs windows of The Lamb last night, though condensation soon enough rendered them invisible. The Blue Bus reading within, the first I’ve been able to get to for a while, featured James Harvey and Harriet Tarlo, with David Miller and Ken White playing pieces for clarinet and guitar. James’s work includes Temporary Structures (Veer) and From: ‘Workings from Marx’s Capital’ (a Kater Murr pamphlet). He read mostly new work including some sound pieces. Harriet Tarlo has published Poems 1990-2003 (Shearsman) and nab (Etruscan Books) and is the editor of a forthcoming anthology The Ground Aslant: Radical Landscape Poetry (also Shearsman). I’d not heard her read before as she seldom comes down to London, but it was worth the wait. David and Ken played pieces with improvisatory structures, the score for one of which appears below. After the break they were joined by Jeff Hilson, who read from Bird Bird to their accompaniment.

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