Sunday, 5 September 2010

& Chix Wiv Pix

If you want a band with a guitarist to match Jimi Hendrix and a singer with vocal cords like Aretha Franklin then Chix Wiv Pix, seen here live at the Hop Festival, are for you. A knockout.


badas2010 said...

Yeah, they were great!
First time I've seen them but it won't be the last. Their website describes them as a blues band with a touch of soul, but to my ear they were an out and out rock band - I told them afterwards I thought they were like Janis Joplin with ZZ Top! And you can't get rockier than that.
I think ther should rename the group 'Rokchix' - what say you?
Best wishes from a Graveney resident.

badas2010 said...

P.S. I noticed further back in your blog a mention of Dexter Gordon on your ipod. In my younger days I played bass in a tenor sax led quartet.
I'm a would be writer, (not poetry), although I'm having doubts about it at present, struggling with motivation.
I've put your blog into my favourites so watch out for further comments!

Anonymous said...


Anna Livia
and the Pure Belles
lay waste
the Nudgel

Grant thinks
it's a piano
at his fingertips

Richard is deep
in a chord

its all
a little transrational
but they've got
the crowd

pete spence

a poem from my
Northern Rivers Miscellany