Friday, 20 July 2012

lamb & apple

A last couple of readings before the London’s transport system becomes too sclerotic with Olympic madness. At the Lamb on Tuesday John Muckle read from his novel My Pale Tulip (Shearsman, 2012) over two brackets. New writers Ann Prendergast (top) and c-weed (aka Cathy Weedon, middle) read a bracket each. It’s always difficult to present novels at a reading but Muckle preserved the wit and pace. Prendergast and Weedon both presented fine poems though the former tended to rush her material a little.

On Wednesday, Frances Presley and Gavin Selerie read at the Apple Tree: Selerie from the sections of his work-in-progress centred on the saxophonist Joe Harriot, Presley from An Alphabet for Alina (artwork by Peterjon Skelt, coming soon from Five Seasons Press). Additionally, as they often do, Presley and Selerie presented a piece for two voices. Though not in the least ‘performance poets’ these two writers are among the best performers of poems around.

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