Friday 16 November 2012

a seminar, two readings, and a book

First off three fine poets performed at Swedenborg Hall on Wednesday night: Andrew Jordan, Michael Zand and John Welch. Jordan, up from Portsmouth, read from Hegemonick, a book of uncommon power and resourcefulness, released a few months back.  Then yesterday I attended the second half of a day-long seminar with Denise Riley at the University of Kent in which Riley opened up to all comers.  This was followed by a brief reading in the evening at the Veg Box CafĂ© in Canterbury. Finally I wanted to mention Cusp, a collective memoir edited by Geraldine Monk and focussed on linguistically innovative poetry, neo-modernism or whatever you want to call it in the period between the early fifties and the advent of the World Wide Web. I will be writing about this timely and fascinating book elsewhere.

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