Sunday, 11 October 2015

After Gael Turnbull

Now that April's Here

It's raining on the brussels sprouts.
The fire is smoking in the grate.
Macmillan says he has no doubts.
Will Oxford beat the Cambridge eight?

Some bright intervals tomorrow.
Sixpence on a football pool.
Seven percent if you want to borrow.
Charles is settling down at school.

Put the Great back in Great Britain.
Write a letter to The Times.
Lots of fun with Billy Butlin.
It's a poem if it rhymes. 

                                                             GT, 1957


After Gael Turnbull

The gales are battering the trees.
The broadband signal's breaking up.
Cam says no to refugees.
Will Andy win the Davis Cup? 

There'll be flooding on the levels.
Buy a ticket, scratch and see.
The SNP are bloody devils.
Labour's under Jeremy.

Scotland's fallen off the map.
The First Great Western's running late.
The EU is a load of crap.
It's Faber, so it must be great.

                                                            LD, 2015

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Unknown said...

I like these very much, Laurie.