Friday 4 July 2008

thursday night in London, sunday in Sydney

At last night’s Crossing the Line reading (sorry, again none of my own images) Sophie Robinson and Peter Philpott (above) read from new work. A sequence by Robinson, read in the first bracket, will appear shortly in Jeff Hilson's Reality Street anthology of contemporary sonnets. This is an eagerly awaited production, gathering poems from across the Anglophone world (some of my own pieces will appear in it). Peter Philpott’s two brackets consisted entirely of an intriguing work performed in a number of voices and guises. Its tonal complexity managed shifts from the (relatively) sober to the slapstick, even incorporating elements of vispo that I wish I’d been able to photograph. These were blu-tacked to windows and mirrors, the act itself part of the performance. And if I were able to astrally transport myself to Sydney on Sunday afternoon I'd certainly be going to a reading by three Salt authors: Pam Brown, Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Kate Lilley. From this distance all I can say is: 'break a leg'.

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