Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Milan 4

avoid places the guide books describe as ‘bohemian’
only the northern edge of Brera begins to feel like real people live there

the sparrows are smaller than English sparrows
but the pigeons and blackbirds are the same size

in Veronese’s ‘Last Supper’
everyone appears drunk

Medardo Rosso sculpts
like wax melts

Balla’s ‘Dog on a leash’
just about describes the Quadrilatero d’Oro

the Stazione Centrale is under wraps

the futurists have abandoned the city


Adam Aitken said...

Fantastic poem Laurie.

Have you seen Kris Hemensley's discussion of Petra White's article on "Baedeker Poetry"? I haven't read White's article but I think it would be very interesting to discuss what is meant by Baedeker poetry.


Laurie Duggan said...

Thanks Adam. I have at least seen the Hemensley discussion. On the surface of it I wouldn't want to rule out any possibility for poetry though I can understand why someone might want to do this. It's easy to write badly with or about anything. But the Baedecker thing is a bit like Williams saying you can't write sonnets anymore. And we know what happened to that.