Thursday, 30 April 2009

the green room was red

On returning from St Ives last week I hurried across London to Dulwich College to hear Lee Harwood and Peter Robinson read their work. The College readings, organised by Ian Brinton, have been well worth attending and the audiences, mostly students with some visitors, have been very receptive. Some months back I heard Peter Riley and Roger Langley there, then, later, I gave a reading myself. Last night I read again, up at Luton, in The Green Room with Frances Presley (above). It was the first of an ‘out of town’ series nominally connected to Holborn’s Blue Bus events. Not a large turnout but they stayed, they listened, and they bought a few books. We walked back to the station through a dystopian landscape that the late JG Ballard might well have used as a set.

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