Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday, 2 August 2015

further on Lee Harwood

For those interested there is a three-part post on Lee Harwood by Ian Brinton here.

And relating to this, here are a few lines from my long poem Crab & Winkle evidencing Lee's thoughtfulness: 

June 1958: The Hotel Wentley Poems
received in today’s post
from Lee Harwood. Who wouldn’t want
to have written these? In 1958,
year of the Little Chef,
so why am I &c.
                                 Buy underwear, socks,
Pan Am (the building) is a colossal
collection of minimums, so
Ada Louise Huxtable, New York Times, 1965
(relayed by Sebastian). But I am not American,
my poems contain no wild beestes, no
lady of the lake, I am
down the road (apiece) from the theatre
where crowds queued in 1963
for Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday.