Saturday, 21 March 2009

Lamb & Parasol

On Tuesday night the Blue Bus series featured Carol Watts and Will Rowe. Watts read from a new book and further poems written since Wrack, her Reality Street volume, while Rowe read work in translation as well as recent pieces. A great reading.

Then on Thursday it was a pleasure to hear David Chaloner at the Parasol Unit. Chaloner read new work plus some pieces from his recent Equipage book. The reading could have continued happily but gallery closing time was at hand. On the walls were works from what is surprisingly Robert Mangold’s first solo exhibition in Britain. These light and fresh works were a pleasant change from pub decor. One can be seen in the background of the lower photograph, together with an example of the ‘lobster pot’ seating (lower left) that the senior citizens amongst us were forewarned would be less than completely comfortable.

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