Friday, 24 June 2011

at the horse hospital

Crossing the Line seems to have established a kind of rhizomatic presence, springing up at many venues, held together by organiser Jeff Hilson and a faithful core of listeners. This week we were downstairs at The Horse Hospital just around the corner from Russell Square tube. The reading was in part a celebration for Barry Schwabsky who is heading back to New York after some ten years in London. He performed work solo and in conjunction with Vincent Katz, over for four days or so. Katz performed his own work as well, initially in adverse conditions until the source of a transmitted broadcast was located, then later contending briefly with the ambient sound of his son’s screen game. Katz had copies of his terrific magazine Vanitas and Schwabsky some books including 12 abandoned poems, from Dunedin, New Zealand’s quality small press Kilmog.

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Derek said...

its a pleasure reading all these informative things.

Janine Zargar