Wednesday, 22 February 2012

inscriptions and rants

Bridget Penney and Ulli Freer read to a good crowd at the Lamb last night. Penney began with a piece of photographically illustrated psychogeography working around graffiti and inscriptions on an old church site. Her second bracket was a kind of masque edited cinematically. Ulli Freer was hard to photograph, shifting ground like a prizefighter as he read from a long work with sections each titled ‘recovery’. His poems are dense but he delivers them with a momentum that carries the listener along.

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collectedworks said...

Hi Laurie! Long time & etc
Wonderful for me to see yr pic of Ulli. And yes, 'shifting around' : I only saw/heard him read the once, at his own Bangor Poetry festival in 1972, before the Hemensleys headed back to Melbourne. His was a memorable song & dance, syncopation, vocal & body punctuation. I published some of his Ivan Twelveman (have i got that right?) in the Ear in a Wheatfield around '73. And he's dedicatee of a small section of the Poem of the Clear Eye (72/3). I slept in his Bangor cottage loft, skylight open to the stars. Thanks for the memory.