Saturday, 28 April 2012

An Andrew Crozier Reader

On Thursday evening the London Review Bookshop hosted the launch of An Andrew Crozier Reader (Carcanet) edited by Ian Brinton. Crozier, who died in 2008, had published numerous small press books (he ran one press, Ferry, himself) but the work had only been collected in All Where Each Is (Allardyce Barnett) in 1985. Further work had appeared in the ill-fated Picador anthology Conductors of Chaos edited by Iain Sinclair ten years later. Crozier had not written very much in the succeeding period and had been reluctant to collect work for that reason. It meant that his work had become largely unobtainable unless you trawled second-hand sites on the web. This publication rectifies things. It is a substantial collection of the poet’s work including relevant prose pieces and an overview and some unobtrusive situating notes by Ian Brinton (centre in above photograph). The launch was largely populated by people who knew Crozier personally but the book itself should make the work available to younger readers who weren’t there the first time around. It’s a fine road map assembled with care.

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