Wednesday, 4 April 2012

new from Shearsman

Last night’s Shearsman reading featured two fine poets. Lucy Hamilton’s Stalker, consists of prose poems in which that activity (stalking) assumes a metaphysical dimension. The poems are as much about mystery as they are about misdemeanour.  Linda Black (a fine writer of prose poems herself) astutely notes that these pieces explore the line between the visible and the invisible. Martin Anderson launched his (long overdue) selected poems, Snow. He has been with Shearsman since the beginning, having published in the first issue of Shearsman magazine back in the early 80s. A great deal of this book was written in East Asia where he spent some thirty years.  Anderson’s own prose work The Hoplite Journals is well worth investigating. Snow is a good entry point into his work. Also on the book table were copies of Ken Bolton’s new Selected Poems 1975-2010, which will at last introduce his work to readers in the UK. I should note that now Shearsman has a POD facility in Australia (as well as one in the USA), making postage there for all titles more affordable.

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Lucy Hamilton said...

Thanks Laurie. While I certainly agree that Linda is astute, 'that line between the visible and the invisible' is in fact a quote from the second poem in the book!

I'm hoping to be at your reading on 8th May.