Wednesday, 16 March 2011

beat crazy

My trusty camera was having battery problems at the Blue Bus last night so I've let someone else take the photograph. MJ Weller is slightly obscured at rear centre but if you blow the image up you might see his entire face on the little screen image. Anyway, it was a great (and well-attended) reading. Both poets are fine performers. Weller read some warped sci-fi pieces from the table but in the second bracket fired up the Quattro and brought beatdom back to life. At times I felt the ghost of Ian Dury in the room. Amazing what a couple of pints can do. He ended duetting with Sean Bonney on Tuli Kupferburg's 'When the mode of the music changes'. Bonney himself was in good form, as sublimely diffident as ever. And if anyone wants to get a sense of what it's like in the surreal world of Tory Britain via poetry I'd say go no further than Sean Bonney. It would be very hard to do better.

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