Wednesday, 16 March 2011

coalcliff days

In a month’s time the Wollongong City Gallery exhibition Coalcliff Days will open. Comprising of art work, book designs, texts and poetry readings it represents the work of a number of writers and artists over the period 1979-1983 who passed through the house Ken Bolton and Sal Brereton (and later Alan Jefferies) lived in. There will be two readings held in connection with the show and I’ll be participating in both. For details check the link above together with the blog. Meanwhile here are a few book covers from the period: Notes for Poems by Ken Bolton (A Shocking Looking Book, 1982); Café Sport (Seacruise Books, 1979) and Country & Eastern (Never Never Books, 1980) by Pam Brown; To the Heart of the World’s Electricity by Steve Kelen (Senor Press, 1980); Country Country by Denis Gallagher (Island Press, 1979); and my own Adventures in Paradise (Magic Sam, 1982). Ken designed my book as well as his own (in the lower right frame of which the Coalcliff house appears perched on the edge of the cliff). Micky Allan did the cover for Pam’s Country & Eastern.

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