Wednesday, 23 March 2011

foam:e #8

Now up on the web: Issue 8 of foam:e mag, edited by moi. I worked on the principle that it would deal, one way or another, with Australasian poetry (and this included expatriates and constant visitors). I'm more than happy with the result. See for yourselves.


David Lumsden said...

Congrats on the issue ... I like some of the juxtapositions, like Jill Jones' "bop framework" and August Kleinzahler's Hootie Bill Do Polonius (making a subtly improved comeback 22 years down the track from Earthquake Weather). Cassie Lewis' poem also full of good things ... "Biology is our bedrock" sounds like it's either a quote I don't recognize or it should be.

Anonymous said...

and thanks for inviting me
to be in this issue
pete spence