Monday, 3 March 2008

graveney marsh

Early March. The promise of hail, though it's sunny out there. Where else to begin but with something as mundane as this? Graveney Marsh is some few hundred metres away from the front window of my office. To the left of the sea wall is the Swale, a body of water separating mainland Kent from the Isle of Sheppey.

I was originally going to call this blog The Dugout, an obscure enough reference to a roadhouse run by my second cousins back in the 1960s in a place called Ensay South in an area known as Gippsland in the southeast corner of Australia.
I post this table napkin as evidence (no use trying the number, the building probably doesn't exist anymore):

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Stephen Muecke said...

As a baseball player (D grade, Pacific Coast League), I just want to know if your cousins, Laurie, were also ball players, given the name of their roadhouse, and was there country music playing as the burgers were sizzling?