Thursday, 6 March 2008


Having started a blog the first question becomes: how do you sustain it? You may have to decide on some tack fairly early on, some idea, perhaps, about tone, about content. Will you be personal, theoretical, advocative? Will you write reviews? How do visuals tie in with the written content? Aaargh! There are, of course, models, and some appear in my sidebar. David Caddy and Ron Silliman for theory, Pam Brown and Silliman as advocates and news sources. Someone in Sydney whose tag I can't remember wrote a 'personal' blog in which he'd talk about brushing his teeth and washing stains out of his underpants. This was in the early days of blogging where the whole thing seemed as unusual as a funny answerphone message. Martin Edmond is probably one of the few whose blog is an art form itself (and it's significant that a publisher took up Luca Antara as a print prospect). I would aspire to art maybe, though I know I'll fall short of this. I like the idea of miscellany, of being able to drop in and out of various tones. Then the question arises: how to separate this from whatever I do that could be termed a 'poetic journal' - is there some cut-off point? For blogs in general the idea of an overall form is of no account.

Of course it's just like me to get reflexive.

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